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Maritime Navigation Rules or "Rules of The Road"

Legal requirements and regulations may vary from state to state, however there is a set of basic "rules of the road" established by the U.S Coast Guard, which govern vessel operation, in order to get you and your vessel safely through situations you are likely to encounter on the water. Command of your boat will depend on your command of safe operating rules, courteous behavior, and good common sense.

Whether you are operating a vessel or PWC it is very important that you learn the maritime "navigation rules, or rules of the road" for your safety and the safety of others.

While you will not be expected to quote all the rules and regulations, you are responsible for knowing those that apply to you and the operation of your boat or PWC. Other boaters have a right to assume that you know what you are doing and that you will do it properly. If you fail to observe the rules as a PWC or boat operator, ignorance of the law will not be accepted as an excuse. The laws apply to all boaters including PWCs and needs to be diligently observed. People are prone to single out PWC operators. How a single PWC operator behaves influences how PWC's are perceived.

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