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Module 4 Pretest - Starting Out

This pretest does not count toward your score on the final, graded exam.
Use this opportunity to review the materials and test your knowledge.

No. of Questions= 6

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1 The checklist for trailering and launching your PWC should include:
a) Read and understand your state's trailer laws
b) Check to ensure that there are no loose bolts, cracks, broken joints, or faulty welding
c) Test the tie-downs to be sure they are tight and properly attached
d) All of the above

2 The best Float Plan lists:
a) Destination and expected time of arrival
b) Time of departure and expected time of return
c) Destination, boat description, course, time of departure and time of expected return
d) Names and addresses of relatives

3 After filling out a Float Plan the PWC operator should:
a) Store it in a dry, safe place on the PWC
b) Mail it to the Coast Guard
c) Leave it with friends or relatives
d) None of the above

4 When fueling a PWC why should you avoid over-filling?
a) You have to leave room for the performance additives
b) Excess fuel will flow out the vent (and into the water) when it becomes warm and expands
c) Marina gas prices are always higher
d) Over-filling is recommended to get the most mileage from each tank

5 Most boating accidents are caused by:
a) The weather
b) Tides or currents
c) Mechanical failure
d) Operator error

6 What should you do before you launch your PWC?
a) Check your personal watercraft for possible damage during the trip
b) Walk down the ramp to determine the type of ramp or launching site you are using
c) Determine your place in the line of boats waiting to launch. Be courteous
d) All of the above

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